Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you usually send chocolates out of the United States?

No. Not for the time being.

2. May I choose my own contents in a chocolate box?

Yes - Soon in special boxes for this service which shall be suitable for that option.

3. How does LW Chocolatier select its raw materials?

Our products are of incomparable quality. Each piece of chocolate is unique. Our chefs, experts in chocolate personally select the natural ingredients and the best cacaos to create the finest blend that you may taste.

4. How do I distinguish a personal from a corporate account?

LW Chocolatier offers two types of memberships or accounts. Click here to obtain more information on accounts.

5. May I buy chocolates during the summer?

Yes. Our shipping boxes are specially prepared to keep chocolate in perfect conditions even during the summer months.

6. Will I receive an invoice for my purchase together with the shipment?

No. You will receive an e-mail informing you about your shipment with a link to your invoice which you can check and/or print for your personal control.ce cocoa are: Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Malaysia.

7. Do other persons or companies have access to my personal information?

LW Chocolatier guarantees you that it shall never sell, transfer, lease or transmit your personal information to any person under no circumstance. Please, check our Privacy Warranty for more information.

8. Is it safe to place an order with LW?

Safety is of utmost importance to LW Chocolatier. We offer a warranty based on an information encryption tool.

9. When is my order shipped?

In general, orders received before 8.00 AM (Eastern time) are dispatched on the same day. Those received after 8.00 AM are dispatched on the next business day. However, you may choose the shipping day in your shopping cart.

10. How long does it take until I receive my order?

It depends on the destination. We will inform you an approximate shipping time when you place an order. Please check our shipping and guarantee policy.

11. Which shipping company do you use?

LW Chocolatier works with FEDEX for its shipments within the United States. If you wish to have your order shipped by another company please inform us and this will be done at an extra cost.

12. Does any restriction apply to the orders?

NO. You can buy the number of boxes you wish. Corporate orders must first be tried by our commercial department. Please read our sales policy.

13. What kind of discounts does LW offer?

There is an special link view discounts where you can find all the different discounts.

14. How long will LW Chocolates keep their fresh taste?

LW Chocolates will stay fresh tasting at room temperature for up to 2-3 weeks, as long as they are kept away from heat and humidity. Specifically, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees (F) and the relative humidity should remain below 60%. Avoid direct sunlight.